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Service Projects for Singles    
In-Person and Live Virtual Groups

Service Projects for Singles is for loving and caring individuals who feel unfulfilled in their efforts to make a positive difference in the world. We help them create fulfilling and sustainable collaborations that have a positive impact on humanity.  You are invited to join in with other loving and caring singles... as a volunteer or you can receive support from this loving community for your own project.

By joining "Service Projects for Singles", you'll receive three things:

1) Opportunities to join teams that are engaged in a mission that excites you, 
2) A way to get to know other service-oriented singles, and
3) Professional facilitation, so the experience is fulfilling to all involved.

What projects are currently available that I can join?
    • Monthly Birthday Events
    • "Acts of Kindness" Singles Treasure Hunt
    • "Caught in the Act of Service" Program.

What if I don't like the people on the team?
  • You will only be placed on teams that are a fit for your personality and preferences.  The way each team is structured will be set up, so they are fulfilling to all involved.